The 4th Weekend of June & September

When you build a railroad and run big ride-on trains, it is only natural to want to show off your work to family, friends and anyone else who likes trains. In the early days of the club, meets were held once or twice a year. Members of other clubs would bring their engines and rides were given out to whoever showed up. Picnics and pot-luck suppers were often included as part of the weekend.

As time went on and the club grew, it was necessary to raise funds to keep the organization going, build buildings and more railroad. Eventually, the club became a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization. Annual dues from club members pay the minimum fixed expenses - utilities and notably taxes in this state (being non-profit and educational does NOT exempt us from school and property taxes). Donations from the public and sale of food and souvenirs pay for all the projects that make our railroad dreams come true!

That is where the Open Houses play a key role in the survival of the club. Twice a year, we invite the public to tour our facility, enjoy a FREE train ride, buy a hot dog lunch and hopefully give us a small donation.

During the open houses we try to keep the smaller gauge railroads running as well as the large ride-on trains. You will see real steam powered locomotives, diesel engines running on gas or electric (batteries), and often small stationary engines running on compressed air or steam.

Would you like to be a part of this organization? We are always looking for new members. Obtaining your own large scale equipment takes time and/or money. Before you take the plunge all members (including social members) are encouraged to operate the club owned diesel locomotives.

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