Safety is a paramount concern with any hobby that involves machinery. The Live Steam hobby prides itself on its safety record. Unlike twelve inch to the foot operations, accidents with small scale steam engines are extremely rare!

On March 3, 1965 the New York Senate amended the labor law to exempt certain boilers from (state and federal) inspection. "The boiler of a miniature model locomotive, boat, tractor, or stationary engine constructed and maintained as a hobby and not for commercial use, and having a volume of less than two cubic feet and a grate area not in excess of two square feet."

This exemption does NOT mean anything goes. The Finger Lakes Live Steamers, Inc. has developed a boiler inspection program of its own. The record of inspection is recognized by other live steam clubs in the northeast.

Wheel Standards These have been erroneously refered to as IBLS standards by some sources. The IBLS never published standards, but these standards are used by most clubs in North America.

Library The FLLS maintains a reference library for the use of students, teachers, and scholars interested in steam, diesel, and electric locomotion and railroading.

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